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The Border Agency Cooperation Workshop

The Border Agency Cooperation Workshop took place in Capetown, South Africa from the 14th to the 16th of November 2018.

77 participants from the ministries of Trade, Agriculture, Health, Transport and more took part in the event. The purpose of the workshop was to improve border agency cooperation at the national and regional levels as provided in articles 8, 10 and 11 of the TFA. Specifically, the workshop sought to raise awareness of the linkages between the TFA and SPS Agreement, and explore ways in which coordinating border clearance processes could facilitate trade, while ensuring/reinforcing human, animal or plant life and health. Attention was also given to improving cooperation among border agencies in transit countries. Upon completion of the sessions, 95% of participant feedback stated that they would recommend this workshop to colleagues.


Workshop Presentations 


Session 1

Christiane Wolff, Counsellor & Secretary to the SPS Committee, WTO 

Anja Wegner, Technical Attaché, WCO 
Shane Sela, Senior Trade Facilitation Specialist, WBG
Southern Africa Revenue Service (SARS)


Session 2

(a) TFA for SPS authorities
Sheri Rosenow, Counsellor, TFAF, WTO 
Mark Henderson, Economic Affairs Officer, TFAF, WTO
Anja Wegner, Technical Attaché, WCO 
Bill Gain, Global Program Manager Trade Facilitation & Border Management, WBG
(b) SPS Agreement for Customs authorities
Hilda Kruse, Senior Food Standards Officer, Codex 
Brent Larson, IPPC Secretariat
Moetapele Letshwenyo, OIE Sub-Regional Representative, Southern Africa
Melvin Spreij, Head, STDF


Session 3

Melvin Sprejj- Facilitating Safe Trade Experiences and lessons from STDF’s work

Hilda Kruse- Risk-based food controls and CCFICS- Senior Food Standards Officer, Codex

Brent Larson- How the IPPC helps facilitate safe trade in plants, plant products and regulated articles: Implementation & Facilitation Unit Leader, IPPC Secretariat

Moetapele Letshwenyo- Export/import controls from the animal health perspective: OIE Sub-Regional Representative for Southern Africa

Anja Wegner- Cross-border Transactions on the Fast Track


Session 4

Brent Larson- Phytosanitary considerations for consignments in Transit: IPPC

Moetapele Letshwenyo- OIE standards Relevant to Movement, with Emphasis on Transit- OIE 

Nnana Mmanyabela Tshekega- Links between the Vienna Programme of Action and TFA: UN-OHRLLS

Erich Kieck- Standards and Trade Facilitation- Capacity Building, ISO

Anja Wegner WCO Transit Guidelines


Session 5

Border agency cooperation at the national level -  good practices and way forward


Session 6 

Border agency cooperation at the regional level – good practices and way forward 


Session 7

Sheri Rosenow- WTO State of Play


Session 8

Mark Henderson- TFA Grant Program

Melvin Sprejj-STDF

Bill Gain- World Bank Group


Photos of the event are available in our gallery