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Celebrating the Success of the Ghana National Single Window

High-level delegates of the international and local trade development community gathered in Accra over the past two days to consider the progress made in implementing the Ghana National Single Window (GNSW) and to consider its key role in implementing the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. The Conference, “Single Window and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement – Key Tools for Development” included presentations from UNCTAD Secretary General Kituyi, WTO Deputy Director General Agah, WCO Deputy Director De Blieck, Global Alliance VP Hammami, Ghana Minister of Trade, the Ghana Revenue Authority Commissioner of Customs, ICC Executive Chairman Alhaji Asoma Banda, and other senior government representatives and dignitaries of national governments and the business community,

Over 300 participants from government and business attended the Plenary day on 9 May, followed by a closed consultation day attended by over 100 business representatives. Over the 2-days, speakers unanimously complemented the strong advances made by the Ghana National Single Window in the past 18 months, including major reductions in both the time and cost of doing business, the introduction of simplified and automated process, the introduction of ePayment facilities and new feature such as Single Registration and the trade information portal. They also recognised the major improvements in Ghana’s rankings in the World Bank Trading Across Borders and Logistics Performance Index.

Speakers also emphasised that much work remains to be done and the various Ministers and International dignitaries encouraged all stakeholders to continue to work together in the implementation of the GNSW for the good of the country and to make Ghana a leading trade economy in the region and globally.

The Conference was organised jointly by Ghana Revenue Authority, the International Chambers of Commerce Ghana, and West Blue Consulting.