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From 6 to 10 December 2019, a WTO representative and World Customs Organisation advisers convened alongside government officials in Bangui to conduct a needs assessment for Central African Republic (CAR). The workshop was primarily aimed at assisting them to prepare their WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) notifications and took place back to back with CAR's WTO Trade Policy Review. 35 enthusiastic participants consisting of customs officials and customs brokers were in attendance. The group reviewed all category C TFA notifications in addition to guidance on how to express their related technical assistance needs. The need for financial assistance was identified by participants as the primary barrier for implementation across all areas. Special emphasis was placed on the importance of the agencies working together with the private sector. To this end, a group consisting of 80 members from both public and private sector was launched after the workshop to enable the two sectors to continue to exchange ideas

Successful outcomes

• Following the workshop, CAR highlighted 3 areas to focus their efforts: migration to the ASYCUDA system, the creation of internet-based systems and ensuring systems were put in place to create a national trade facilitation committee

 • CAR submitted its notification to the TWO TF Committee 9 days after the workshop