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TFAF grants

The TFAF will provide two types of grants to developing and LDC Members notifying Category C commitments. Members may apply for these grants where no other funding source is available to meet their needs.

The following grants will be available after the Agreement enters into force:

  • Project preparation grants

Project preparation grants will be available in circumstances where a Member has identified a potential donor, but it has been unable to develop a project for that donor’s consideration and to find funding from other sources to support the preparation of a project. The project preparation grant will be up to a maximum of US$30,000

  • Project implementation grants

Project implementation grants will be available for implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement provisions.   These grants will be limited to “soft infrastructure” projects, such as modernization of customs laws through consulting services, in-country workshops, training of officials. etc. The project implementation grant will be up to a maximum of US$200,000.


Note: Information on the conditions, application procedures, etc. will be provided through this section in due course.