2019 Peer-to-peer Trade Facilitation learning event at the WTO (EN)


Overview & Outcome

The World Bank Group and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility co-hosted a Peer to Peer Trade Facilitation Learning Event, concentrating on the theme of Ensuring the successful implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, on 2 July 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. With attendance of 51 officials and representatives within the trade and customs sectors, sessions included the Trade Facilitation Agreement notification requirements, TFA and legislative Requirements, TFA Enquiry Points, and measuring success. The Peer to Peer session commenced with an opening speech by Caroline Freund, the Global Director of Trade, Regional Integration and Investment Climate, World Bank Group in conjunction with Sheri Rosenow, Counsellor, at the World Trade Organization with the closing hosted by Bill Gain of World Bank Group. 

Speakers consisted of experts from the World Bank Group, WTO Secretariat, DFID, and experts from the participating countries.

This event was made possible by the following donors:

TFSP Donors:
Australian Aid, Canada, EU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden Sverige, Swiss Confederation Federal Department of Economic Affairs Education and Research- State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, UK Aid, USAID. 

TFAF Donors
Australian Aid, Austrian Development Agency, European Union, France, New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs People's Republic of China and UK Aid.