Transit Workshop & The TFC Dedicated Session on Transit


LLDC and transit WTO Members and Observers explore solutions to transit challenges in a workshop held at the WTO on June 13-14. The goal of the workshop, organized by the Geneva Group of LLDCs and TFAF, was to prepare for a WTO Trade Facilitation Committee Dedicated Session on Transit held the same week, in which the solutions were presented.  

TFAF funded the participation of 28 capital-based officials from 10 transit and 18 LLDCs as well as experts from regional organizations. Participants also included Geneva based delegates and government officials currently participating in WTO internship programs. The talks were facilitated by UNCTAD, OECD, WCO, World Bank Group, UN OHRLLS, COMESA, EAC, and WTO development division and TFAF.  

Presentations made at the Dedicated Session, including highlights of the workshop findings, can be found linked under Article 11 Resources