Calendar of Events


  • All events will be shown at once on the calendar. To only see events from a specific organization, click on the color coded organization tabs on the left hand panel of the calendar to hide events you do not wish to see
  • To add individual events to your Outlook or personal calendar, click the event on the calendar, click share, and hover down to select the relevant option (note that for certain browsers you will be asked to download the file beforehand)
  • Additionally, an ICS link is available for your Outlook, Google and other personal calendars. In order to use this link, in your personal calendar account, go to “Open Calendar” (or “Add calendar”)… “From Internet” and copy paste the link
  • Use the maginifying glass icon (very top row on the right) to quickly search for an event using search terms and approximate dates
  • Use the navigation arrows on the calendar header (top header left) to switch months/years and the buttons on the top right to switch formats (day/week/month/year)
  • Need to download or print the calendar in PDF format? Select the menu icon (very last icon on the top right next to 'list') and select print/export to PDF