The Trade Facilitation Committee Meeting and Workshops took place between Oct 9-12th


During the period of October 9-12, WTO Members conducted a meeting of the Trade Facilitation Committee and additional workshops on TFA related topics. The TFAF funded the participation of 65 capital based officials for these events.

The workshops were open to all WTO Members and Observers and featured speakers from Member countries and partner organizations.  Of particular note was the launch of the TFAF grant program on the morning of October 9.   Additional closed sessions were held for LDCs and Pacific Island countries.


Presentations from the workshops are available for download below

9th October 2018

Notification Requirements

Current state of play. Review of notification requirements and deadlines


Sheri Rosenow – WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility (TFAF)


The TFA and other WTO Agreements


Yuichiro Okumura- Customs Valuation: – Permanent Mission of Japan in Geneva; Chair, Committee on Customs Valuation

Marlynne Hopper- SPS Agreement:  - WTO STDF


Launch of the TFA Grant Program


Mark Henderson – WTO TFAF


11th October 2018- Transit

Improving transit cooperation, trade and trade facilitation for the benefit of the landlocked developing countries


Sandagdorj Erdenebileg – UN OHRLLS


Transit - issues in implementing the Trade Facilitation Agreement


His Excellency Sr. Juan Esteban Aguirre Martínez – Ambassador Permanent Representative to the WTO for Paraguay

Abdullah Maikano Usman - Nigeria


Best practices and Lessons Learned in Transit


Dr. Corina Cojocaru – Republic of Moldova

Ana Reyes – Panama

Mark Priestly – TradeMark East Africa

Abdurakhmon Abdurakhmonov - Tajikistan


Transit Resources


Vyara Filipova-Transit Guidelines: World Customs Organization (WCO)

Will Petty-TIR System: International Road Transport Union

Transit Coordination: Poul Hansen – UNCTAD (Coming soon)


12th October 2018- Donor Support

How to go from Needs Assessment to Notification to Implementation


Lillian Saili Bwalya – Zambia

Snezana Vujanovic – Montenegro

Milena Budimirovic – WCO


Project formulation and Best Practice to Attract Donors


Poul Hansen – UNCTAD

Bill Gain – World Bank Group


Sequencing and monitoring


Bill Gain – World Bank Group