TFAF at the Public Forum 2019


Attending the Public Forum? If so make sure to visit the TFAF table in the Delegate's Lounge at the WTO to find the latest Trade Facilitation information and updates from TFAF, partner organizations and donors. You can also experience trade facilitation between Guatemala and Honduras or be transported to the Port of Freetown in Sierra Leone through the World Bank virtual reality equipment.  A preview of the experience can be found here:

The Public Forum will be held at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland from 8-11 October 2019. This year's conference entitled "Trading Forward: Adapting to a Changing World," will highlight the following themes:

  • Services—the next trade frontier;
  • The next generation—what do Millennials and Gen Z want to see from global trade; and
  • The next chapter of the WTO—strengthening the trading system

It will feature 137 sessions focusing on the rapidly changing trading environment and will be organized by governments, private sector, civil society, academics and students. These sessions will offer a vast array of voices on one platform to discuss pressing issues of how to reinforce current polices and regulations to address both development and national policy concerns so that the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers can prepare and adapt for tomorrow. 

The TFAF Team looks forward to seeing you there!

Please note that the registration deadline for 2019 has passed. Be sure to follow the WTO on Facebook to catch livestreams of the event

TFAF public forum