TFAF continues successful support to LDCs to meet TFA notification deadlines


Togo notified its definitive dates for implementation of Category C commitments of the Trade Facilitation Agreement on the 22 December 2023.

It had previously requested and benefited from an extended deadline of 31 December 2023


The TFAF organized a workshop for the National Trade Facilitation Committee of Togo on 5 December to discuss and agree the definitive implementation dates for its category C Commitments.

This workshop had been requested by the Geneva-based delegate who participated in the workshop with TFAF's support. The workshop built on analytical work and advice to the NTFC provided by the Trade Facilitation West Africa (TFWA) project.

NTFC members from the private and public sector took stock of progress and identified outstanding needs relating to the implementation of eight Measures of the TFA which they had designated under Category C, requiring provision of assistance and capacity building support.

Togo's notification was submitted to the Committee on Trade Facilitation on 22 December.

The notification can be consulted on Togo's Member Profile page of the TFA Database along with other notifications and details on Togo's TFA implementation progress.

As an LDC, Togo's implementation needs will continue to be prioritized by TFAF as implementation partners are sought to meet the newly-identified dates.