Revenue Mobilisation, Investment and Trade (ReMIT) in Pakistan


June 2024


The project aims to promote and enhance international trade competitiveness in Pakistan through three areas of intervention:
i) Pakistan National Export Strategy;
ii) Trade Policy;
iii) Trade Facilitation. Under the trade facilitation component, the project will 1) assess Pakistan’s trade facilitation performance vs. its legal obligations under the TFA and international best practices; 2) Reviving Pakistan National Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee (NTTFC); 3) establish a Trade Facilitation Portal to provide information to businesses on trade formalities; 4) support the implementation of five TFA measures, namely time release study, authorized operators, advance rulings, post-clearance audit and risk management; 5) support agencies to proceed towards an integrated risk-management scheme and to improve border agency coordination; and 6) build the capacity of SMEs to comply with cross-border requirements through trainings and coaching.

Contact Point(s)
Mohammad Saeed
saeed [at]
Eleonora Salluzzi
esalluzzi [at]