Trade Facilitation Programme


December 2021


Under the ITC Trade Facilitation programme for 2021, ITC will i) operationalize a Trade Information Desk at Dan-Issa border (Niger/ Nigeria) and provide assistance to small-scale traders in complying with border formalities; ii) Enhance access to information on trade formalities in Burkina Faso through the official launch and promotion of a National Trade Facilitation Portal; iii) Pilot the newly introduced advance ruling mechanism in Niger to ensure its effectiveness; iv) develop and share recommendations towards the simplification of cross-border formalities with NTFCs in beneficiary countries; v) Develop, publish and disseminate a publication on integrated risk management; vi) develop a NTFC monitoring tool blueprint; and vii) organize a donors’ conference in selected West African beneficiary countries to present the project proposals developed by NTFC to request technical assistance for the implementation of category C measures

Contact Point(s)
Mohammad Saeed
saeed [at]
Eleonora Salluzzi
esalluzzi [at]