Status Quo

Bilateral meeting held between TFAF and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines in the margins of the TF Week in October (2-6 October 2023)

Expression of Interest circulated to Development Partners - 04/12/2023

Articles requiring support

Art. 3 - Assistance to establish a legal and Regulatory framework.|• Training in Classification, rules of origin and Valuation.

Art. 7.5 - Assistance to develop an audit strategy, capacity building for extensive training in auditing for customs and other border agencies.

Art. 7.6 - Assistance to establish legal and regulatory framework to allow for seamless flow of information and coordination among border agencies.

Art. 7.7 - Assistance to secure the necessary ICT equipment. Update the legal framework to implement enhanced protocols incorporating the WCO SAFE standards within trade practices, operations and procedures.

Proposed TFAF action

Expressions of Interest created for Art. 3, 7.5, 7.6 & 7.7