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Request a National Activity


The TFAF can conduct national workshops to support developing and least developed WTO Members and Observers in understanding and meeting requirements of the Trade Facilitation Agreement.  We offer workshops to fit the needs of the Member. The TFAF currently offers workshops on topics such as:

  • National needs assessment and updates
  • Assistance with preparation of notifications
  • Getting national trade facilitation committees up and running
  • Other, as needed by Members



To make a request send an email from the Geneva mission to

In the subject line please put: Request for national TF activity from [YOUR COUNTRY]

We will need to know the following:

  • Topic of activity requested and goal of workshop
  • Participants of workshop including approximate number and government agency(s), private sector, etc.
  • Number of days 
  • Preferred dates/time-period
  • Contact information for person(s) coordinating the event

If the WTO Secretariat staff cannot provide the assistance you need we will aim to find a partner organization that can fulfil your request.  If you would like a general overview of the TFA then you should apply through the ITTC.  The WTO also offers an eLearning course on the TFA that is available HERE