UNCTAD TMEA Trade Facilitation Programme in the EAC- Phase II


Enhance the role and capacity of the NTFCs as coordinating entities of trade facilitation reforms and simplification of trade procedures that complement trade policy through the following supporting NTFCs in identifying and implementing simplification measures, and building and strengthen capacity of NTFC in implementing Trade Facilitation reforms.

Activities include: continuation of the capacity building program with country-specific advisory services; ensure compliance with the TFA commitments and other TF agreements and Protocols; Formulate the TFA Roadmaps; Increase capacity and knowledge in TF measures, Pilot and Implement the Reform Tracker for NTFCs.

Strengthen the capacity of the EAC sub committee on Trade Facilitation to drive national and regional trade facilitation initiatives.

Contact Point(s)
Emmanuel Mutahunga
emmanuel.mutahunga [at] mtic.go.ug/ mutahungae [at] yahoo.co.uk